Greens A line bred trait formed from breeding the best greens to each other over time.
Reds A normal variant which has been bred to create the reddest combinations.
Albino Anaconda A visual mutation of the Albino and Anaconda genes.
Axanthic Axanthics are a recessive mutation that lack the red and yellow colour, making them grey, black and white, and in some cases silvery looking.
Snow The visual double recessive mutation of Axanthic and T- Albino. This results in a pink and white snake with red eyes.
JMG Axanthic Also known as ‘The Arctic’, this is a co- dominant morph. Breed two JMG Axanthics and produce a breath taking super form.
Toffeeglow The visual double recessive mutation T-Albino and Toffeebelly, resulting in an enhanced coloured Albino.
Caramel Albino This is also known as a T+ Albino. This variation of albino can be easily recognised by its brilliant white belly and caramel colouring. This is is also a recessive mutation.
Anaconda This is a co-dominant gene that causes a reduction in pattern and a solid black belly with a white outline. When 2 ‘condas’ are bred together they can produce a Superconda, which has a patternless body.
Albino This is a recessive mutation and is also known as Amelanistic or T- Albino. There are variants such as extreme reds, reds, oranges and yellow albinos.
Pastel Pink Albino Another variant of the Albino, where the dark pigment is replaced with pink colouring.
Evans/Dutch Hypo A hypo melanistic recessive gene which removes the dark pigments from the colouration.
Frosted Hypo The visual double recessive combo of the Caramel Albino and Dutch Hypo.
Toffeebelly A recessive gene and as you might of guessed, is named after its toffee coloured belly. It is believed to be a type of the T+ Albino which also has the trait of paradoxing.
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Here is an overview of the Hognose morphs I am currently working with... 
Normal The wildtype colouration of the Western Hognose. This can be quite variable, showing browns, reds, greens and yellow colouring.
Hypo Superconda This morph is made up of the super form of the Anaconda and the ‘Evans’ Hypo resulting in a stunning patternless snake with a peach like colour.
Superconda This is the super form of the co-dominant Anaconda gene resulting in a patternless body. The head is ‘normally’ the only part with a pattern.
Jaguar A dominant gene which affects the snakes patterning. This creates an abberant and jaguar type spotting/markings.
Ultramel This is the visual double recessive mutation of T-Albino and T+Caramel Albino. Resulting in a red eyed caramel albino which looks more enhanced in colour.
Lavender As the name states - a lavender coloured snake. This is a recessive gene.
Pistachio A recessive gene with bright colouration. Possibly a form of hypo? They have lavender bellies with no black.
Albino Superconda This morph is made up of the super form of the Anaconda and the albino resulting in a stunning patternless snake with the albino colouration. Ours may even be a Toffeeglow Superconda, but we need to prove her genetics out first :-)
Paradox Albino The paradox gene in hognoses acts like a chimera, where it splits two colour mutations on the appearance of one animal. Believed to be non genetic, but a nice trophy animal for any collection.
Pink Pastel Anaconda A combination of Pink Pastel Albino (recessive) and Anaconda (co-dom). These are also known as ‘Pink Panthers’.
Toffeeconda A double visual of the Toffeebelly and Anaconda genes. Creating a reduced patterned Toffeebelly.
Caramel Superconda This combo is made up of the super form of the Anaconda and the Caramel Albino (T+). The result is a creamy coloured snake with no patterning and reduced head pattern.
Axanthic Anaconda Sometimes referred to as the ‘Axanthiconda’. This is the result of combining the Axanthic gene with the Anaconda.
Snow Anaconda This is the triple visual of the Albino, Axanthic and Anaconda. Nicknamed the ‘Yeti’.
Toxic The visual double recessive mutation of the Axanthic and Toffeebelly. This results in a washed out purple and white snake.
Shadow A dominant gene which seems to display large spots on the snakes back with a grey background. This gene also can create ‘eyebrow’ type markings on the head.
Arctic Anaconda A double visual of the Arctic (JMG Axanthic) and Anaconda. Nicknamed the ‘Grey Fog’.