My name is Gary Morris and I have been keeping reptiles since 1996.   I am a UK hobbyist / breeder based in Dartford, Kent.   I started like most keepers with a colubrid, which was a garter snake. Like many new starters to the reptile hobby the snake died. Not  letting this put me off I decided to have another go. This time I started researching a few of the readily available snakes and made my  choice based on what I found.  My choice of snake was a female California Kingsnake. As many keepers know, reptiles can be very addictive so I soon acquired more California Kingsnakes and attempted breeding them with great success. After breeding the California Kingsnakes I decided that I would put the money I made from the offspring back into my hobby. I introduced more snake species as well as lizards and tortoises to my growing collection and I have been fortunate to keep and breed a good variety of reptiles for a number of years. With the knowledge I have gained in this hobby I decided I would specialise in captive breeding of Western Hognose Snakes. I also breed Ball Pythons, Rhino Ratsnakes and a handful of Kingsnakes and Milksnakes.
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some snakes I have been lucky enough to own
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