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Here is an overview of the Ball Python morphs I am currently working with... 
Normal The wildtype colouration of the ball python.
Pastel A co-dominant mutation which gives an enhanced colouration of the wildtype and when bred to another pastel, creates a nice bright animal. A very good base mutation to have in a collection.
Piedbald A favourite recessive mutation for all Ball Python lovers. This gene causes a percentage of the body to be a brilliant white and also have a difference in patttern compared to a normal ball python.
Pastel Flame A double co-dom morph made up of the pastel gene and EB Noah’s calico named flame.
Super Fire A.K.A the Black Eyed Lucy. A white snake (sometimes with a small amount of yellow). This is the result of breeding a fire to fire.
Vanilla Cream The combination of breeding a fire to a vanilla. Both genes share the same allelle and therefore if bred to a normal the offspring will result in a mix of only fire and vanillas.